AECOC (Association of Manufacturers and Distributors) is one of the biggest associations of our country, possessing more than 24.000 partners. In AECOC, manufacturers and distributors work together with the aim to improve the sector and to contribute major value to the consumer.

Part of its work is to detect opportunities of improvement and to stimulate practices of efficiency in each of its areas and activities.

The Association of the Family Business of Alicante was constituted in July, 1995, with the aim to help to promote the interests of the Family Business, engine of the productive economy and the employment in the province. They are already 100 partners, belonging to different economic sectors of the industry, trade, services, real-estate, construction and hotel and catering bussiness, amongst others.

AINIA is a Private Association with no lucrative ends from national scope, consisted of companies related with the food-processing sector. It was created in 1987 by the initiative of these companies and of the Institute of the Medium and Small Valencian Industry (IMPIVA).

From June, 20085, the Manufacturers' National Association of Cod an Dried and salted products (ANFABASA), it takes as aims the internal improvement of the companies of the sector to increase its comptetitiveness and capacity of adjustment to the challenges, besides the permanent improvement of the product and of the service offered to its clients. Always bsed on criteria of quality, social responsability, and enviromental respect.

The Food-processing Promotion of quality of the Valencian Community (PROAVA) is a non-profit-making entity, constituted in 1993. It possesses nowadays 150 partners. One of its aims is to promote, extend and announce the quality of the food-processing Valencia products.
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